Friday, September 30, 2011

Just don't understand your generation

So, I was trying to explain to my boss just how awesome Winchester 1897 trench guns are, but he seems to think they're pointless.  His whole philosophy was exactly as follows:  "it's ugly.  It looks like something that you would find in an old trunk you rummage through after your grandfather dies."  Then there's this little gem: "why would you want one of those old things, when there's so many better things out there?"

Henceforth, my rebuttal:  First off, why would you not want an old gun owned by your grandfather, and/or a historically significant piece such as that?  Secondly, how is ANY shotgun out there better than that one?  All the rails, sights, grips, and accessories in the world won't make the gun any more powerful, and won't make you a better shot.  Lastly, it's got a foot long bayonet/pigsticker on the thing!  You can keep your damn "pretty/modern firearms and accessories", because that bayonet alone is just mother-fing majestic!  It screams "don't f with me, because I will still be deadly long after I run out of ammo."

So, there.  Rant concluded.

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