Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Full of win

The greatest quote I have heard in some time was inexplicably found on the usually ho-hum website of

"The F-14 was retired from Navy service in 2006 because the Navy apparently thought that recruitment was too high and they needed to become less cool."

Hilarious.  Yet at the same time, not outside the realm of plausibility either, when you consider that the Super Hornet that replaced it is not only more expensive, it's slower, less fuel efficient, carries less weaponry, has a shorter range, and looks nowhere near as cool as this:

VFAs suck, VFs rule.  Simple as that.
Totally thinking I'm changing my desktop backgrond at work to this.  Nope, wait.  just found one that has a bit more Christmas flair to it:
Merry Christmas!

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