Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's what I do

So we have a young member of our systems staff I've mentioned on here before.  He has this silly little tendency to wear shirts that are just barely a size too small.  This gets kind of annoying really fast, as that makes it painfully obvious that he's walking around with his freaking glass-cutters nearly poking everyone's eyes out.  We've tried mentioning this to him, but he thinks we're just razzing him for the sake of poking fun at him. 

Now, 'round this time of year, our company decides that they are willing to buy us some shirts with the company logo on them.  Everyone is supposed to pick a style of shirt, what color they want it in, along with what size they need.  As I was placing these orders, it was suggested to me that I secretly bump the shirt size of whatever our young comrade specifies to the next size up without telling him.  I couldn't resist it.  It totally happened.

So the shirts arrived not too long ago, and we had a chance to see him wearing his better fitting shirt, and he still hasn't said a word just yet.  The rest of us figured that he's still in a state of shock, and is just reeling from the fact that his nipples are no longer being chafed, and that he actually has room to breathe.  To him I say, "you're welcome."

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