Monday, December 17, 2012

more mouthy nonsense

So, earlier I was lamenting to a friend (who happens to be a redhead) that the woman of my recent unrequited affections is already engaged, and how it kinda stung even after knowing for a while that I had no real chance with her.  I also mentioned that the likelihood of me finding another tall redhead to focus my attentions on is extremely unlikely. 

Previously unaware of my preference, she stopped me and said, "Wait, is that why you hang out with me?  Because I've got red hair?"
"No." I reply, "You're simply a fun person, who's also a joy to talk to."
"But do I remind you of her or something?"
That's when I busted up laughing so hard that I nearly started crying. "Oh my GOSH no!  Oh man, not even a little bit!  What kind of idiot do you think I am!?"

I found it incredibly humorous, but I don't think she saw it as overly so.  I mean, just because I like redheads doesn't mean that's what I rule all my interactions or interests by.  Though, I betcha a million bucks I'd have a crush on Brigid, if I met her.  I mean, seriously.   She's like Christina Hendricks, a fighter pilot, crime scene investigator, and master chef all rolled into one.

Hero envy?  Naaahhhh...
So yeah, my big fat mouth.   Possibly the #1 reason I can't land a cute girl.   Well, that and it's just not very often at all that I hold affections for anybody, really.  On the bright side, I should be more thankful for the awesome things that I DO have.  Like, at least I still have my awesome job (thank goodness for that!), a good shotgun, a Jericho, and really awesome friends who are willing to hang out, even after I emotionally sting them.  Promise I'll get better at that one.

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