Tuesday, December 11, 2012

sounds of soothing

Went to a singing recital at the community college last night.  Pretty good stuff.  I got to hear a beautiful young woman I know sing, along with some random people I don't know.  I really liked the event, but the only downside is when you hear someone who is obviously very skilled and talented, but insist on singing some crappy songs; feels really anticlimactic.  Thank goodness the person I went to see was just fantabulous in every way (that's totally a word now, btw).

One particularly nice treat was the final song of the night was a Christmas song that I haven't heard in ages, that is far too underplayed.  Then again, I'm not sure it's too well known either.  As much as I enjoyed hearing my friend sing, that song was the thing that made the night for me.  An especially nice treat.  So, since I (as usual) missed my (usual) musical post on Sunday, here ya go:

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