Monday, October 21, 2013

basic math skills

Looks like one of my favorite authors has hit it out of the park again:

I've always known this, but go give it a read anyways. Hilarious that the researcher in question actually expects people of a certain political leaning to be traditionally stupid, just as the mainstream media tells him.  It's sad how many people I know are of the same opinion.  I knew a guy that is still adamant that all tea party members are simply racist, anarchist wing nuts, that are bent on killing all immigrants.

I tried explaining to him that the sole reason for the tea party existing was because the people are overtaxed, and the federal government is far bigger than needs be.  The Tea Party is simply a bunch of hard working Americans who are tired of paying taxes for services not needed or unwanted while at the same time, horribly mismanaged with no or ineffective oversight.  We hate no one, but hate the massive waste we see from the government everyday.  We hate bailouts, nationalized health care, marginalized rights, government shutdowns at exaggerated cost.  We aren't against immigration, we want to have it fixed, and to stop illegal immigration. We're tired of government being run by an elite and treading on the right of the people.

We want government to be more responsible and accountable for it's spending and actions, because the current state is unsustainable.  Essentially, we are doing this for the same reasons our forefathers dumped all that tea into the harbor, and it aint because we're coffee enthusiasts.  We're looking to ensure that the Fed is still by the people and for the people, not just to bypass our rights, steal our money, criminalize, and spy on the people. 

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