Friday, October 4, 2013

Bon voyage Charlie Brown...and don't come back!

So, the Federal government, after years of collectively acting like a child, has finally decided to run away from home, and well...nobody is missing them, and nobody want to go looking for 'em and everyone is secretly hoping they get raped to death by a mountain lion.

It's funny to me because we have a coworker who's a die hard Dem, and he has a shut-down day counter advertised on his whiteboard like it some kind of outrage that the Fed is no longer working.  I've known all along that nobody would give a flying f**k, and everywhere I look, that almost the exact description everyone gives of the event, to the point that they are a laughing stock.

What's even funnier is that I'm pretty sure that the childish reasoning the government is using to justify this whole shutdown, is they think it will make people realize how much worse off they are without their services, when in reality, everyday life is completely unaffected for anyone who doesn't work in government.  Because other than national parks, monuments and national defense, nobody wants the federal government stealing their money for anything else.

I'm hoping that come tax day, I can just refuse to pay taxes just like they refused to do their jobs that we're paying for with those taxes.  That'll be the biggest eff-you to John Q. Public, is when they don't factor in their little walk-out into our taxes and charge us even more than they did last year, all for doing nothing.

I wish more people cared how much they are getting ripped off, having their privacy invaded, and their rights trampled, so we can all go 'wolverines' on their asses.  Too many politicians just need to go the way of the dodo. 

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