Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dead storm rising

Just heard the news that Tom Clancy passed away yesterday at the age of 66; cause of death still unknown.  Hard to believe the man who started a professional career as an insurance agent later changed gears to become not only a ridiculously successful author, but also had a number of his books turned into successful movies, and then started his own video game studio, and helped invent an entirely new genre of video games that are still unique to this day, and even set new industry standards for third party mod compatibility that very few have been able to match.

Back in the days of my youth, his books were some of the few fictional stories I actually had a desire to read (as I still hold a preference for non-fiction), and spawned a strong desire in me to keep far more informed about foreign policy, world events, politics, military procurement, and procedures.

We can only hope that the deadbeats in both Hollywood and the game industry will realize that we can't let him go out on a sour note, and that we eventually get an actually good Clancy movie, unlike the last one, and maybe even a good Clancy game, unlike the last ten or so.  Seriously, he started his studio making games that were supposed to be semi-realistic in tactics, like rainbow six and ghost recon, but now they've devolved or been bastardized into a run of the mill action game and some weird sci-fi nonsense, respectively.

Personally, I'm still holding out hope for a movie based on "Without Remorse" cause that may be some of the most exciting and craziest fiction I've ever read.  Also, seeing another Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon game that returns to it's realistic roots would be a welcome purchase (that aint no small hint there, Ubisoft!  You worthless dipwads).

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