Saturday, October 12, 2013

Missing my cue

I really enjoy reading Dr. Helen, and a recent post she made got me thinking, and I sent a link to it and the following thoughts in an email to my family:

The General Authorities have said that before years ago: that any two people who are of a positive mindset, willing to improve, and are spiritually motivated can make an eternal marriage work, and work well.

I was also told that you can ask the Lord about whether it's right to marry someone, and unless it's extremely bad choice, the spirit will, more often than not, say "yeah" because there really is no such thing as "the one", The spirit is there to guide us in making the right choices, but there are plenty of choices that have eternal ramifications which blatantly don't have a right or wrong outcome. These choices serve to help us develop our knowledge, understanding, and wisdom by exercising our agency and to use the intelligence given to us.

The Lord would not let us waste our lives risking on a gamble of us only having one person to be most compatible with, and then having the monumental task of being able to find "the right one"; rather we are to work on becoming the perfect mate ourselves and working out on our own who we can best share our time with and serve for eternity, so that we may grow and learn from our choices.

I wish more people (in particular, young men and women of my generation) would put aside this false notion of their being a "perfect match" or waste all their time trying to find someone who suits them best, and realizing that any relationship is like anything else in life: hard work that can pay off with enough effort, time, empathy, and (most importantly) love.

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