Monday, October 28, 2013

Strip mining is fun!

Still don't see what all those tree huggers are whining about.

So, it finally happened after years of shrugging it off, I was finally dragged into the world of Minecraft.

Jay already had a server up and running for weeks and he and his siblings had a nice over-water city already taking shape.  As soon as I got in, my first order of business was to pilfer as many weapons and equipment as I could carry, and then I immediately set to work building a vast road network that interconnects all the houses/islands together, with appropriate lighting to prevent zombies from spawning.

Once I met up with the Roomie, Jay, his sister, and my bro, we set to work on creating a massive strip mine, to look for the most precious items in the game: diamonds and obsidian.  In the end, we created no less than four massive strip mines, and later found that all of them were interconnected via underground caverns, rivers and lava flows.  All in all, a pretty good weekend.
All I could think of while mining in game.  Click the pic!
I rather amazed at myself with how fast I have become consumed with this game, but then I remember how much into legos I am/was and then it makes sense: of course I'd be into it, it's like legos on crack. 

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