Monday, June 16, 2014

Conversations at work

Being the nerd I am, most conversations will drift towards movies at some point. Don't know how the movie The Notebook came up though, but I guess it's inevitable when talking to the female variety.

I posed the assumption, "So, being a woman, I'm sure you've seen The Notebook."
"Actually, no.  I haven-" (interrupted by me giving the hard stare) "Okay, so I have.  She looks at her feet and mumbles "Multiple times."
"Yeah, you can't tell me you haven't.  I can call that bull about 50nmi away."
"It's a good movie."
"No, it's a terrible movie.  Any man who says they like it has something wrong with them."
"I like it"
"Well of course you like it, you're the target demographic.  But if you're with a guy that says he likes it, they are one of three things: a liar, a psycho nutcase that may murder you in your sleep, or gay.  All of the above being a red flag if you're interested in this guy."
"Really?  You really think that no man can like The Notebook?"
"Please, at the end of that movie when they were old and dying, I was cheering on the disease that killed them like I was betting on a horse race."
"Holy crap, you really are the world's worst person."
"Well they did kill Osama a while back, so that bumped me up on the list."

Proof is in the pudding, darlin'

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