Friday, June 13, 2014

slow moving action

back when I was planning for my brother to come up, I had all sorts of cool ides of things to do and places we could go, but that was back when I had time and money.  So, now it appears we are spending our weekdays watching all the best of the Bond flicks, and the weekend is simply a re-hash of a Swayze gone crazy special.

Though if I can manage to coax the boy out of bed not long after zero dark thirty, perhaps we can leave in time to go hunting for an A-12 crash site.  there aint much there these days, but I think it would still be a fun trip to take.

Looking forward though, I'm gonna have to do a bit more brainstorming on places we can go on subsequent weekends.

In other random news, the location of my apartment is still making me itch for a digital camera that has a seriously beefy optical zoom.  Getting tired of seeing awesome shots of F-16s without being able to get a close enough shot of 'em.
waiting for their closeup. (official USAF photo)

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