Monday, June 9, 2014

Something striker this way comes

imagine the following conversation with a hipster:

You:  Hey, did you hear about that new hybrid sports car?
Hipster:  Ugh, please, I've had a fuel efficient car since the 70s.
You:  Um, okay.  That's not what I'm talking about.  There's this new hybrid sports car that's really cool, it's breaking all sorts of records.
Hipster:  Sheesh, what a bunch of posers.  They aren't doing anything new!  My college class made an electric car once.
You:  But you can actually drive this one fast, and it'll compete with the fastest of regular cars.
Hipster:  Whatever, my Ford Pinto was more efficient.
You:  I don't think your're getting the point.

This is the kind of reaction H&K had to the rest of the world getting striker fired pistols.  They just love being the hipster that points out that it had a striker fired pistol waaaay before they were cool.  Look buddy, just because you had one in the 70's doesn't mean it's cool or that it was even good.  There was a reason you didn't sell 'em like hotcakes, and it wasn't because it was striker fired.
The ridiculous over the top ambition of the VP70 resulted in nothing but less than stellar reliability coupled with superfluous capabilities.
But, finally getting back into the program nearly 40 years later they've come up with the VP9.  Get it?  'Cause it's just like their old VP70, but better!

I'm honestly surprised it took them so long to suddenly realize they were missing out on a whole market.  I think it was spurned by the fact that LE everywhere are all drinking the Smith and Wesson M&P cool aid, and HK finally realized it was passing up on some sweet deals.  For their sake, I hope they haven't missed the gravy train.  Either way, I can see this thing doing really well on the civilian market. Heck, despite my eager mockery of HK, I'd still be willing to get one, as long as I have the money.
Although this does look like it'll be a solid and good shooting pistol (I mean, it IS HK after all), I'm also puzzled at it's magazine capacity of 15 rounds of 9mm.  I mean, everyone else is sporting 16 to 20 these days and the best they could muster up is 15?  I dunno what they were thinking there.

Update:  Hey, didn't the old VP70 have an 18 round magazine? let's look that up.....yeah, it did.  WTF H und K?  You couldn't use those magazines?  Why do you keep taking two leaps forward and two steps back?  Honestly I feel like I'm ABSuperman here: "They made the gun good, why can't they make the magazine good?"

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