Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Mentalist

Different people will always have differing opinions, viewpoints, and interests.  Even when talking about the same subject that both have an interest in, they will be differing reasons as to the who what why and how of the situation.

Take for instance, my roomie.  We both share an interest in guns and shooting.  I like shooting and working on guns because I enjoy the activity itself.  I can just consistently go for the sake of becoming a better shooter, and I'll work on guns because I enjoy tinkering with 'em.  The roomie come from a different line of thought.  He enjoys shooting, but not entirely for the sake of it.  He likes shooting because he likes projects. 

What do I mean when I say that?  Well, take for example, his Saiga.  After he bought it, he spent a good amount of time and money modifying it with just the right parts and accessories to be just the way he wanted it.  However, after he 'finished' the project, he took it out to the range once to make sure it functioned properly, and has never taken it out since.  He enjoys it only for the fact that it was a project to work on.

I'm not saying this is bad, I know plenty of people that share the same mentality, I just will always find that viewpoint very puzzling is all.

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