Monday, July 16, 2012

The sound of hatred and shame

Well, what did I NOT do over the weekend?  Didn't take over the world to exact evil upon it, still haven't hunted down the souls I seek revenge upon, and I'm still longing to to engulf something huge in glorious fire.  Aside from that, everything else and more was accomplished over that period of time.  Wait, what?  You want an account of what took place?  All right, I'll tell ya.

After goofing off with the roomie and some friends after work on Friday,  I ended up spending the evening (and a good portion of the night) with some very lovely ladies while watching the BBC's Sherlock.  I shouldn't be surprised that it's fantastically enjoyable, but I can't help but try to lower my expectations when everyone I hear is talking it up beforehand. 

Saturday was even more ridiculously busy as I spent the morning wishing I was sleeping while cleaning the house, then spent some time with friends before jetting off to pick up a date for lunch/dinner at the Olive Garden, followed by watching that new Disney movie Brave with the same aforementioned friends. 

The movie was fairly enjoyable*, but unfortunately I was the insensitive prick that caused the whole theatre to be up in arms.  Yeah, that's right.  Before the film started, I turned off my phone, or at least I thought I did.  Come to find out, my phone is such a piece of crap, it won't actually turn off, forcing me to remove the battery after getting some frantic calls from my dad.  Naturally, this instigated the 'walk of shame' as theatre patrons pegged me with half-eaten junk food after the end of the movie.  Okay, that didn't actually happen, but I was ashamed enough that it wouldn't have made me feel any worse if that did happen.

After all that fun, I called my dad back to have him give me an unintelligible conversation about his last will and testament, or at least I think that's what he was talking about, because my phone is a flip phone piece of crap and his ain't much better because it's got an apple on the back of it.

After all that was done, I was late to a concert up in Park City (part of the Deer Valley music festival); the Music of Michael Jackson with the Utah Symphony.  After being horribly embarrassed, because I never realized my ticket was paid for until it was too late, it was quite possibly the funnest bit of entertainment and company I've had in a while.

So that's the end of the longest, most boring post evar!

*I think I mostly liked it just because of the lovable accents, along with the audio and visual style, because the main character was a bit meh.

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