Saturday, April 30, 2011

ultimate get-down

I feel like a kid again.  All exited for the weekend.  Doing another one of those get togethers where we all chill and watch some UFC while engorging ourselves with bacon and other assorted meats.  All I can say is, America!  F-yeah!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Because I got nothin'

But Sam and Dave got it all.

Rules of engagement

Someone asked me at work why I was being rude to a lot of people today.  I said I like to be polite until fired upon.

On an unrelated note, I think I'll just avoid all human contact (internet included) since all anyone seems to care about is the latest news regarding the wedding from the Royal Garbagarie. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the bright side...

As an update to my last post, I did get to see a Sharps rifle for the first time.  Really cool.
Oooh, shiny!

Shooting range sans-etiquette

On a roll today.  Not a good one, either.  So be prepared for another reeeeeally long rant, because Thursday seems insistent on being full of fail.

There's a range nearby that some friends and I occasionally visit.  I like it because it has a very friendly, relaxed, and responsible atmosphere; or at least, it used to.  Heck, after this, I think I've lost my love for ranges almost entirely.
An example of common range safety rules

See, we actually just got back from a short excursion to that same place.  We decided to have fun with the whole range of toys; rifles, shotguns, and pistols.  So we go up, check in, pay up, and make a point of asking about their rules (I visit alot of local ranges and the rules vary widely from place to place around here).  The couple old guys at the desk seem to not even want to bother with us, but they gave a grunting noise that all the rules are posted by the range.  So, we gave 'em a look and began setting up.  We were ready.  Eager to test our latest accessories and additions, we began shooting when commence fire was given.  Heaven forbid it be that easy though...

High school should be over

Before I go any further, this is a post in which I just whine like a baby about work.  So all apologies, it aint interesting or entertaining, but writing about it just makes me feel a little better. 

When I go to work, I aint' looking for a good social experience.  I try to be as polite and likable as possible, but no matter what you do, you're just gonna run into haters eventually.  My solution is to just do my job as effective and efficiently as possible, and avoid the people giving me problems as much as possible.  I don't care if people at work rub me the wrong way, I don't have to be their friend, or hang out with them.  I just focus on the tasks at hand and ensure they get done regardless of what numb-nuts I have to do it with.

Sometimes, though, it starts to get to me.  I hate it when everyone has to revert to crap that should be left behind at middle school.

Example:  There's a girl I work with that nobody seems to like.  I'll admit she's quite annoying, but I don't have much of a problem with her, because she at least tries to do her job.  Now, there are plenty of tasks that we perform at my job that are really just one person jobs, but due to regulations, we need to have multiple people on certain tasks.

This morning I see this girl is taking on one such task by herself, and she asks me for help.  I didn't have the right tools on me to accomplish this, so I found someone who did.  He responds by saying, "No, that fat b***h can do it herself."  More than pissed off by now, I offer to do it myself if he'll give me his tools for a moment.  He refuses.  I lost my cool and asked him, "So you'd rather be a piece of s**t excuse for a human being, than do a very simple and quick job?"  He responds in the affirmative and storms off.  And this guy is supposed to be a better example of a decent employee because he has seniority over me and a few others.

Nearly wanted to punch his ticket right then and there.  I'm telling ya, my job is like friggin' Melrose Place or somethin'.  The sooner I get outta that place, the better.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If this computer were a horse, I'd shoot it.

Just can't wait to get rid of this thing.  That's all for now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why those motherf*****

Via Wired's Danger Room.  WikiLeaks revealed some Gitmo documents saying terrorists thought about making bombs out of Sega Genesis cartridges.  This cannot stand.  They have officially declared war on the nerds, and it will not end well for them...

PS. Sonic the Hedgehog was unavailable for comment.

But in communist China...shotgun steals YOU!

The Firearm Blog posted some interesting photos of the Chinese Semi automatic shotgun, the QBS 09.  It's mentioned that there isn't a whole lot of information about it, but they do have an interesting picture of it disassembled.
Now, I aint no expert, but I can't help but feel that when I look at it, the internals seem VERY familiar.  To me, it looks as though they essentially made a Benelli M4/1014 with a few parts gleaned from the Benelli M3, possibly to prevent some kind of patent infringement.  I may be no expert but, judging from the above picture, it is a gas operated weapon that uses twin piston rods that acutate the bolt; just like the M4/M1014.  The only difference here (other than the external styling) that I see, would be that instead of the two piston rods being actuated by independent pistons and gas tubes, the rods are connected to one large oversize piston that wraps around the magazine tube; the design of which looks very similar to the Benelli M3's bolt swivel assembly.  See part 095F in the picture below.
Also, while I was studying the picture of the QBS 09, the bolt head and bolt carrier look very similar to the Benelli M4's.  The trigger assembly also seems to be nearly directly lifted from the M3's own.  Although it's not a very high rez pic that we get of the commie gun, so more press may dispel this.

Now, as a disclaimer, I don't have much experience with the internals of many semi auto shotguns; other than a few Remington models, Saigas, and the range of Benellis, so perhaps the general stylings are similar to more than a few designs.  But I can't help but see some uncannily striking similarities in the parts I have pointed out.

Anyone be sure to let me know if I have made any oversights here.

Update: I just noticed that the folding stock, is a near perfect rip-off of the one used on variants of the Benelli M3 as well.  Also took note of the spring touching the bolt swivel assembly, so it is more than likely a recoil driven system (that and I haven't noticed any gas port apertures).  Interesting. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Save the Strelok

25 years ago today, reactor 4 of Chernobyl NPP began it's destructive change into what is now known as the sarcophagus.  What followed was possibly the fifth largest, blatant disregard for human life the Soviet Union had committed in order to preserve the greater good, and unlike three of the four others*, it was kinda justified (using the term very loosely here).  Thirty died in the initial incident, thousands died within months, with hundreds of thousands affected for years to come.  The exact number of affected people is still unknown, and may never be fully tallied. 
A realistic depiction of the area.  Concept art from the game STALKER.
Fast forward to today, and the sarcophagus is being rebuilt; and there are still the few who are known as 'stalkers' that still watch over the reactor until the last of it's radioactive material and equipment is removed (supposedly by 2022).  However, the disaster couldn't, and shouldn't fade from memories.  For those who don't live nearby,  go check out Elena Filatova's place.  Full of fascinating footage and recent pictures of the exclusion zone.  I'm quite sure I've linked to it before, but in the interest of sparking more interest, go see it again.  Because history never stops being interesting... 

Why I'm so great...

So, why have I been so happy and creeping out everyone I know?  Well, I submitted an application for my dream job the other day, and yes, any job other than the one I have, is one that I dream of getting.  The job I applied for however, has a good potential to not only be a job, but a career.  So that's more than just a smattering of stains from awesome sauce. 

While still on the topic of sauce (heh heh), I had a fun time over the weekend gaming, driving, and dining with a few friends I hadn't seen in a while.  Went to Chinese Gourmet buffet with my roomie and his brother, then followed that up by going to a sushi joint with a couple other friends.  With all the fine dining over the course of this weekend, I was beginning to feel gluttony's revenge by the end of it.  Now I know what Bloaty's Pizza Hog feels like.

just, eeewwww...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holiday perks

It's Easter time again and the only thing I can thing about this time of year, is hunting the elusive 'big one'.
One day, one day.  But, till then, I'll just post some more weekend music.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


You ever have one of those moments where it seems like everyone on the hemisphere is trying to call you within the same hour?  Well, regardless of what you say, It's happening to me right now.

Call me crazy, but...

I tend to get weirder when I'm happy.  To the point that other people will begin to get more than a little creeped out by it.  I even had someone at my work ask me if I was high this morning.  Noooope!  I just think it may be a good day today, and dare I say, possibly even a great week.  I don't want to get into the details too soon for fear of jinxing it, but suffice to say, things may be looking up.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Still not perfect though.

Not a fan of people who just enjoy being drama llamas.  There's one person I know who always likes to spin things when she gets in trouble.  For example, one day I was helping her out with something, and I misplaced an item near her, so I quickly walked over to her, and she kind of yelped like a dog while jumping back.
I asked, "What the hell was that?"
She replies, "For a second there, I thought you were going to hit me."
I say, "Trust me, I would never hit that."
She asks, "What!? Really? Am I not pretty or something?
I reply with, "Pretty aint got nothin' to do with it.  Its all the other extras that make the car not worth buying."
She begins to pout.
"Oh walk it off, Barbara."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And now for something completely different

Found out via Say Uncle, who found out via No Lawyers, that a NY Congresscritter is introducing a bill that will bar those who have committed certain crimes as a minor from ever purchasing a firearm as an adult.

Now, I am definitely in favor of preventing repeat offenders, the criminally insane, and various other "lost causes" from obtaining guns, but can we really just unilaterally deny the rights of self defense to people who made bad decisions when their brain is still being developed?  Juvenile cases are always a very troubling issue; such turbulent events happening during a difficult, fragile, and crucial time in their lives.

John of No Lawyers, makes a very well-worded point that the bill seems to be trying to say that there is no possibility of juvenile offenders ever becoming rehabilitated or productive members of society.  He also makes a good point regarding portions of the justice system that are completely broken, which when coupled with this law, could remove the rights of perfectly normal children (like the kids who got arrested for making stick figures, or bringing a Nerf-gun to school, etc.).  As for myself, I get pretty emotional about it, as hits more than a little close to home.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A heart- no, a lung-warming story.

As I have mentioned before, the festivities of 4/20 are completely lost on me.  However, every time this date comes around, I am reminded when I was stuck on the public bus in Eugene, Oregon on that same day a few years back.  All I can say is, wow.  You would have thought it was friggin' V-E Day all over again, except everyone that's celebrating looks like a hobo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I swear I aint a lesbian

Yep, I went into the lion's den.  Straight into Whole Foods Market.  I hate to admit it, but the food they got there is just miles above the competition.  A friend of mine works there, and inevitably I was going to end up trying something.  Well, just like a gateway drug, the first taste just aint enough.  Everything they have there just caresses the taste buds into submission.  My only complaint I can muster up about the place, is that the other customers all seem to be bull-dykes of the highest standing, so, eeeewwww.  I'm convinced the only other type of people that shop there are uptight moneybags.  But, it you can stomach the eye-infection inducing clientele, the fresh items they have there are to die for.  Oh, and if I start to observe arbor day, please, in the name of everything holy, just kill me.  Or, just go all crazy "Coon"-style on me.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy hand grenades, Batman!

Was cruising the interwebs when I stumbled on to this little gem:

Pretty dang crazy.  A belt fed custom AKM.  Obviously, as soon as I saw this, I just had to see what other wonders there were to behold on this site.  I was very impressed by this independent little gunsmith.  If you wanna check out this smorgasbord of awesomeness for yourself, just head on over to Pookie's Gun Stuff.  Yeah, bet you didn't think anyone would name their gunsmithing site that, now did you?

I just can't stop

Another conversation with a girl at work.

(while griping about our horrible supervisors)
Coworker:  So, that's when the lead just started yelling at me, just because I wasn't doing his job for him.
Me:  Yeah, you should have me around for more of those incidents, so I can just pimp-slap him.
Coworker:  Wow, if you did that for me I'd -
Me: (interrupting) Well, I have my reasons, so don't take it personally.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zed music

Well, because my life is about as boring as it can be at this very moment, here's another tune to hold you over till I can think of something to write about.

I definitely preferred 28 Days Later over the mediocre sequel.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Conversations from last night...

Girl:  Wow, I get my best ideas when I'm around you.
Me:  More like, I bring out the worst in you. 
Girl:  We should hang out more often.
Me:  I don't think so...

Okay, it's not really from last night. But man, am I a stinker, or what?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sad panda is sad...

because every time Buy A Gun Day comes around, I don't ever have the money to even buy a key chain just shaped like a gun.  But, if I had a million dollars, I'd get everything I ever wanted.  I don't however, so here's my fantasy of having a small amount of money and what guns I would get with that chump change.  I'll start with the rifles first.  A Yugoslav SKS is an affordable and extremely fun option, another cheap AK could also give that option a run for it's money.  Also, anything that shoots 7.62x54R would be awesome and will pay for itself within a couple mag dumps.  A big long shot would be the Enfield No1 Mk3, even though the ammo can be pricey.

A pistol would be fun, maybe in the form of an original Jericho 941, or a Ruger SR9 would be cool.  Rounding off the lot with a Mossberg 590 for the shotgun option.

But alas, it it all wishful thinking.  BAG day, humph.  More like bag over head day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

That's foreign flicks, Mr. Connery...

I thought I'd be a lot busier today, but I guess I have nothing better to do than just watching a bunch of non-English speaking films.  I just wrapped up watching Battle Royale, which I thought was excellent.  had the perfect combo of action, cheeky humor, cheesy drama, gore (excelsior!), and allegories to keep me entertained.  Wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but man, what a movie.  I easily see why this has become a cult hit. 
Just for randomness' sake here's a short list of some other foreign films I thought were worthy of a little praise:

Night Watch - vi govoriti pa-ruski?  This one's been described like 'Blade meets The Matrix meets Buffy', but I say it's has it's own style.  Has a great ending, too.
9 Rota - Another Russian film.  Kinda like a Soviet version of Black Hawk Down.  It just came out with an English dub recently, but I watched (and preferred) an old subtitled copy a few years back.
The Good The Bad The Weird - Everyone needs to watch this one.  If fact, if you don't like this movie, I'm not sure if I like you...
Kung Fu Hustle - Chinese kung fu mixed up with slapstick humor that makes even britcoms seem refined.  Hilarious!
Oldboy - Grittiest.  Action.  Ever.  A Korean tale of revenge that's not for the faint of heart, but it's one of my favorites.
OSS 117: Lost in Rio - No One Lives Forever meets Austin Powers, except with class.  Who'd a thought the French could make a good (and funny) movie?
Let The Right One In - Swedish film in which a young boy meets what he thinks is a young girl.  Blood-loss related deaths ensue.  Also not for the faint of heart.

On an unrelated note, this is a big occasion.  It's my 147th post!  Woo Hoo!  What a milestone.  Didn't think I'd last this long myself.  Granted, I aint no triple-A blogger like those on the left-hand side bar, but hey, I'm still happy with it.  One hundred and forty seven baby, yeah!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I just want a damn donut

If you want to destroy the fabric of society in my tri-state area, here's your secret weapon:
Because, I have only found ONE donut shop in the whole STATE that sells these things (well, ones that actually taste good anyways).

My story starts at about 7:30 this morning.  I was having a pretty crappy time at work, and decided I needed something to cheer me up.  So, I decided to stop by a highly recommended local bakery for the first time.  From what I keep hearing, this place is renowned for it's great (and highly rated) donuts.  I step into the place and here is a rundown of my conversation with the girl behind the counter.

Counter girl:  How can I help you?
Me:  Yeah, do you have any glazed old fashioned?
CG:  Excuse me?
Me:  Glazed old fashioned.
CG:  *gives me a puzzled look* I dunno if I've ever heard of that.  Can you describe it?
Me:  Seriously?  You haven't heard of one of the most popular types of donuts and you work at a donut shop? 
CG:  Well, just tell me what it looks like.
Me:  Forget it.  I can't be expected to explain something like that at this hour of the morning, we'll just get something else.  How about a blueberry donut?
CG:  Oh, we don't make those.
Me:  Huh?!
CG:  Well, our chef likes to use an old family recipe, and he doesn't like to alter it in any way.
Me:  Well, my grandmother didn't wanna buy a Buick, either.
CG:  What?
Me:  I'm saying your chef should stop being a whiny little B*&%! and just start making some real damn donuts.  Sheesh, It's not like your contaminating your other batches of donuts if he makes a new batter for some freaking glazed old fashioned or blueberry is he?
CG:  I guess...

Ugh, so it only goes downhill from there.

Monday, April 11, 2011

FMG9? ....or not.

I enjoy watching Sons Of Guns, but I find it more than a little hilarious that they have to shamelessly rip off Magpul's FMG9 concept. It was touted around about five years ago, and being "pros" in the gunsmithing industry, they HAD to have heard of Magpul and their gun, but they totally billed it as their own idea.  Heck, if I aint mistaken, Magpul wasn't even the first to come up with the notion.  When they introduced the idea of building a flashlight gun on the show, they even used an airsoft replica of the FMG9 as an example.  Case in point, here's a pic of the FMG9:
High tech and yet simple.  A Glock18 within a folding polymer case.
...and here's the "pellet gun" that they bought to base their idea on:
Yeah, blatant wannabes.

I have to hand it to Red Jacket though, they did come up with a cool gun using a MAC11 as the foundation, within a steel case, and they even included a neat little survival kit in the stock.  Albeit, I'm sure it's quite a bit heavier (if not almost three times as heavy) than the FMF9, considering the larger size and the materials they used.  That, and it looked nowhere near as quick to deploy.  Still, I'd probably buy one.

Here's a grainy screencap of their final product:
Update:  Another thing that makes me laugh about the Discovery channel in general, is their complete lack of detail.  When they were introducing the history of the MG42 machine gun, they showed nothing but MG34 footage.  You hardly ever see that kid of flub on the History channel.  Dang, am I one heck of a nitpicking nerd or what?

On a related note, I had a young woman ask me not too long ago, how in the world I am still single.  There's your answer, right above.

My horse is a diabetic!

Yes, I have something against drugs.  Don't have anything against the people I know who use 'em.  Multiple times I have made it abundantly clear to those people that I don't partake, but they insist on inviting me to a 4/20 celebration every time it comes around.  So, one again, I don't care if you wanna hang out, as long as toking up aint the only reason for the occasion, cuz if it is, I'm gonna say the exact same thing the last time you invited me: "You have smoked yourself retarded....and no."

Plus, I find that only a really retarded pansy that just sucks at life, should find it necessary to achieve happiness using mind-altering chemicals from outside sources.  Though, I do love the movie "Half Baked".

P.S. and don't bull-crap me with that "weed is harmless" nonsense, because I know people who have literally smoked themselves stupid.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the not too distant future

Being a a big MST3K fan, I'm surprised I didn't find out about Rifftrax until recently.  That stuff just don't get old to me.  What surprises me more is the fact they just don't have an actual show on TV anymore.  Oh well, at least I still have the voices of Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Mike Nelson to amuse me.  Not to mention all the cool guest 'riffers' like Weird Al, Chad Vader, Neil Patrick Harris, among many others!  Although, I've always wanted to hear those guys rip on Doctor Who, or something...

A 'Link' for you

Another day for music.  I don't remember how I came across this, but I just love this video.  The tune aint all that great, but the concept is just awesome.

I used to enjoy the Legend of Zelda games, but Link's Awakening was the last one I played all the way through. So I never played a whole lot of Ocarina of Time, but that's probably because I didn't own an N64 at the time.  Guess I'll have to get an emulator and change that.  The triforce beckons.

Although, I have to say, I insist that the one game that was just a must play title on the N64 was Rainbow Six, just sayin'.

Friday, April 8, 2011

You see, it's technology

I have a friend that shoots a lot of black powder.  I'm a pretty big fan of black powder myself, but my friend likes to argue that black powder is more fun than modern guns, and that you aren't a real shooter unless you own the black-powered stuff.  Being a bit of a gun-nut, I'm of the opinion that a gun is a gun, and that you'll enjoy just about any type of firearm you shoot.  So, after a morning of arguing about it, I noticed it was raining outside, and began my attack.

Me:  Oooh, I like it when it rains.
Friend:  Yeah, I love it. It's my favorite weather.
Me:  You know what I like to do when it rains?
Friend:  What?
Me:  Go shooting.

That shut 'em up.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just came to the startling realization that not only am I an opinionated weirdo, but I also really enjoy scaring the living crap out of pilots and heavy equipment operators.  Jeez, I might still need some professional help.

How hard can it be?

Well, it's pretty old news, but I figure I'll mention that the makers of the electric sports car (I hesitate to call it a super car) Tesla, are suing Top Gear.  The story is that Tesla is claiming Top Gear's TV test was rigged and that false information was given in the episode.  After having re-watched the episode in question, I can agree with Top Gear's executive producer, in that Tesla is full of crap.

Another thing I'd like to point out, is that TG is primarily directed towards entertainment.  You have to expect them to do something a bit dramatized for "entertainment value."  Regardless, it has become so respected in the world of motor sports, that some car manufacturers make specific changes in their products due to the show's (sometimes even off hand) observations.  TG's review was much more honest than most, and certainly was not bashing the car in any way, they just gave an honest opinion about performance, price, and practicality.

So, despite offering a great product, I hope you lose badly, Tesla.  Shame on you.

P.S. as a side note, if you want to keep up on all things Top Gear related, or need to find a full repository of episodes, Final Gear is the website for you.  They also have plenty of info on Fifth Gear too, but no D-motor surprisingly.

Two for two

Okay, I'm sure plenty of people are tired of hearing of my exploits, but I promise this will be the last one....for today anyways.

Was talking with a coworker about animals when she brought up something interesting.

Friend:  So, my friend is a llama whisperer.
Me:  What? Really?
Friend:  Yeah, she's a llama whisperer.
Me:  Look, if you have to talk to a llama, but find it necessary to whisper what you want to tell it, there's something wrong there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My own quote of the day

Was talking to a coworker about a dumb thing they had done and what led up to it.  They were really trying to push the "logic" of their train of thought to me when I said, "please, kamikazes don't nose dive as hard as the logic in that argument."  Surprisingly, I got a laugh from that.

See?  It's true.

And this is a website!

So, New Jovian Thunderbolt has a post up about how most gun shops seem to be stuck in the stone age with their websites.

Well timed, considering I was just talking about this subject with my roommate a couple days ago.  For example, my favorite local 'chain' of stores is Impact Guns.  Great store, good prices, great service, and (mostly) knowledgeable staff.  Their website, however, is just atrocious.  I haven't heard of any security concerns regarding payments with them, thank goodness.
But still, considering how integral to success online business can be, I think it should be non-issue to choose to invest in a proper, non-confusing website, and develop the means to update inventory in a simplistic manner.  When you don't, your just letting even more potential customers become estranged to you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Posting? Blogging? Bah humbug!

Okay, it aint that bad.  It's just that brain is all not smart no more, arms like noodles, and brain poop.  That's about as detailed as I can get at this point. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

No penalties for early withdraw

Was depositing a cheque (yeah, that's how I spell it), when the very attractive young teller that was assisting me asked if I like the company I work for.  I replied with a no, and she inquires why.  I respond with, "well my biggest obstacle in enjoying the company is the fact that I like to be treated like a human being."

So, that was the highlight of my day.  Naturally this causes one like me to spout (in a slurred manner) phrases such as, "Ah neid uh dreenk!"  So, if you're keen on a long winded post about some of the sodas I've been haphazardly guzzling like it's some kind of contest, read on below the jump.


Well, I am just out of it today.  You'll just have to wait until I'm fully defrosted to get some real content.  I did forget to put some music up yesterday, so here's lookin' at you.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get your hands off my classifieds!

Workers of the world, unite!  Um... I mean, to arms!  Literally.  Help us keep our Classifieds!

Sometime last month, some hoplophobes whined to saying, "hey, maybe, it's possible that some people could kind of use the firearms section of your classifieds site to illegally obtain firearms.  So, why don't you ruin it for everyone by thinking about removing the firearms section altogether?"
Well, let's lay down some facts.  Person to person transactions of firearms in the state of Utah is legal, and requires no background check whatsoever.  KSL is NOT liable for enabling people to make perfectly legal transactions.  Despite these facts, people selling on will often run their own background checks and/or ensure the buyer has a concealed weapons permit.  Sometimes a seller will refuse to even sell to a legal buyer, just because they don't have a CWP (see a previous post about it).  Also, gun shops advertising on KSL still adhere to standard laws regarding dealer to person transactions (ie. background checks and forms, etc.).

Criminals will always have illegal ways of obtaining guns, but honest citizens with firearms have few means of networking like this. Thousands of people sell firearms on all the time.  It's the single largest independent resource for people selling a firearm in the tri-state area.  Give a little help to the legal gun owning community and show your support for this resource by taking the survey posted by KSL on weather or not to even keep the firearms section.

Besides, if KSL goes the way of the fear-mongers, you won't find awesome classified ads like this:
This ad only has 30 days left, so act quickly!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Trying to replace the irreplaceable

Just read the article on the Firearm blog about the new Wilson Tactical 7.62x40mm cartridge.

Well there are sales for this type of thing, so I guess there's a demand there, but I'll never understand the concept of making a better version of 7.62x39 ammo.  I can understand the desire for a better cartridge in general, but I don't see how anyone could think that making a cartridge based on 7.62 Soviet would end up being much more than almost a novelty product.

Now, I can't knock the actual products, they are great, and of a very high quality.  Both .300 Whisper and .300 Blackout (and now also 7.62x40 WT) are better than decent rounds, but it's the core concept that I think is greatly flawed.  Trying to cut in on the most well entrenched market of a very widely available, extremely popular, and very cheap round, with a new, less common, and much more expensive product, just doesn't make sense to me at all.  Unless you manage to pull off winning a major government contract right off the bat, you're just gonna end up like .300 whisper: a niche product.

Besides, you make a good enough gun, and the 'ol Soviet round will work just fine.
Well, it is April fools day, so who knows, maybe Wilson Combat is just pulling my leg.