Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Oh boy, it's a slow news day.  So the biggest bit of excitement so far was that I found out that no one in the office had heard of my Vicks Vapo-Rub shotgun shell idea.  After forwarding that to everyone, and a good amount of laughs later, we had to continue the riotous laughing by making fun of the boss who is buying a new 1911 in order to "possibly compete" (ie. probably never)with it, despite never having even held a 1911 before.  I aint got nothing against the idea of a tricked out 1911, but if you're gonna spend over a thousand bucks on a gun so that you can "possibly compete" with it, wouldn't you wanna at least shoot one first?

Yeah, he's actually getting the one with the same name as a condom, too.
Anyways, we continued on by watching that hilarious new video on the youtubes called I hate 1911s.  It's done by the same guy that gave us the famous I hate Glocks video, so go give it a watch; unless you're some kind of wussified he-she!

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