Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue light special

So, I heard form the roomie that there's a massive sale on Kel-Tec RMR-30s going on, and that is getting me all sorts of exited.  I always thought the pistol was kinda cool, but the carbine is a must-have!  I mean, just look at this little beauty;  a longer barrel for higher velocity, with a stock and longer sight radius for better accuracy, and still has the same 30 round mag full of .22 magnum.  All for just over $400 bucks, no less.  Man, I may pull that starving maneuver for two weeks just to get one.

An extended magazine with 40 or 50 rounds would totally round out the ensemble.
In unrelated news, I forgot to mention that I finally got to go visually plunder the new Utah Natural History Museum a couple weeks back.  When in development, I heard that Rio Tinto poured millions of dollars into the place, and well, it certainly shows.  With the exception of all the air museums and the gun museums, it had to be by far one of the coolest I've ever been to.  It's some super-cool stuff, so if you haven't been, I highly recommend it; especially if you have a date that is interested in anthropology or paleontology (or just likes looking at dead things).

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