Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty darn good for a Monday

If anyone wants to know what it's like to be in my shoes for a day, here's a sneak peek:

I like my job, and I like being in a position to wave to all the nice people I know coming down the hall, but it's kind of frustrating when everyone thinks I'm giving them a hard stare from down the hall, when I'm really just looking at my computer screen.  And before you judge, this was taken on Friday, so I wasn't missing out on any real work by writing on blogger.

Not much else going on in my spot of the valley.  I had the roomie pick me up some of those tasty cashews from the fun show over the weekend, along with sending me a pic, but that was about it.

Oh, wait a minute. I forgot to mention that I was given some potent homemade grog to help ease my terrible throat as well.  I wouldn't reccomend it as a recreational beverage,  but it did help with the throat.

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