Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prototype Replacements

Some time ago, when I was in Civil Air Patrol, I remember getting my hands on some very detailed blueprints/diagrams for the F-35/X-35B through an acquaintance whose relative worked for Lockheed.  They were absolutely beautiful, massively large in size, of ambiguous legality, and I always wanted to be able to frame them and slap them up on a wall at one point.  Of course, being the immature little cadet I was, I subsequently lost them and have no idea as to their present speed and angels.

Fast forward to today, I think I have found my ticket to something even better.  Due to a small amount of boredom, and after a lot of internet searches, research, and painstaking brainstorming, I end up finding what I want by near accident.

I came across Aerospace Projects Review (another locally grown operation) and their blog through a link in the Secret Projects forum.  Although they don't have anything on the F-35B, it turns out they have something much better.  Some very detailed and high-rez  blueprints/diagrams for the F-23 and it's variants.  I'm totally gonna blow what's left of my cash on it, and see if I can't get a copy of it printed and framed to slap on my wall sooner rather than later.

Low rez samplings of the awesomeness that awaits:


  1. Any high resolution please?

    1. Unfortunately, I am not the sauce. So, links are embedded in the text...