Friday, June 22, 2012

USP ka-put?

Spent my entire lunch break trying to see how many cool apps I can squeeze on to one little android   Naturally, the absolute first customization I make to the the thing was putting a star trek live wallpaper on the bad boy.  I suppose you can guess where it went from there.  Yeah, my nerdyness knows no bounds.

As for something actually interesting, the roomie went to the range a few days ago to get some time in with his USP 40.  He was firing some re-loaded ammunition, and when his brother was taking some shots, it had a failure to eject.  The roomie was unable to clear the casing and decided to unload the gun and bring it back home for further analysis.  Upon further dissasembly, and some serious abuse with the cleaning rod, he managed to recover this little gem:

Thankfully there was no noticeable damage to the gun (and and more importantly, the shooters), and we pondered the reasons as to why there was no ka-boom or other catastrophic failure.  We came to the conclusion, that since the round cleared the weapon (presumably properly), that the casing was simply sub-standard; possibly weakened by reloading too many times, or after a particularly hot loading.  Interesting stuff, but totally reminded me of this comic:

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