Thursday, June 28, 2012

What sick thoughts?

So, I live not too far from the Opsgear store over here, and despite my lack of funds to purchase anything fun there, I like their nice selection of goodies and friendly service.  Other than an absence of them, the place is just like a mall ninja's dream come true.  Just look at all the goodies they got just laying around:
But despite all the holsters, rails, webbing, and accessories one could want, I'm sorely disappointed that these guys don't sell guns.  There isn't a solid gun store within 45min of any direction (which in Utah is like a crime itself), which would give them a serious edge. 

On the bright side, I did hear that they planned on putting up a new sign at the door:

Oh, and stop all the presses.  The Meet the Pyro video is finally here, and it is amazing.  Must watch.  Right now.

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